Ultra easy nail art

Easy as it looks?

Easy nail art

To some of us Nail art sends us into a panic, easy or not. I remember a time when I felt like that. In fact, I remember a time when myself and my clients felt like nail art was something our American cousins did. We were fine with our pink and white tips thank you very much.

Oh my goodness how things have changed. In the time it’s taken me to have three children, we’ve gone from white smile lines for french to 3D, 4D, dots, fine lines, one stroke, encapsulation, stamping, filagree, ombre and much, much more.

With the rise of social media we see some very talented people, from all around the world sharing their skills and enviable talents. Furthermore, the nail competition circuit has exploded with varying categories of nail art genre’s. In England alone we have many competitions throughout the year, from the Nailympics in London, as well as others hosted in Birmingham and Manchester.

Being an artist, I appreciate all of it. I’m in awe of such talent and am inspired by the avant-garde nail artists among us.

Back to reality

Although, as much as I love it, very often 90% of my clients don’t get the experimental stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, over 50% will have nail art but it has to be practical; hold up to daily tasks and not take too long. I’d love to sit all day and create masterpieces on my clients nails… but in truth, they haven’t got the time and certainly couldn’t justify the amount of money I would have to charge for my efforts.

I am a big advocate of salon viable nail art. The type that with just a few flicks, dots or swipes creates a stunning look with minimal effort. Believe me, most of my clients do too. Usually, we will trawl YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, searching for ideas to create in a salon viable time frame. However, some clients do lack an understanding of what’s within my technical limits, but with gentle persuasion and alternative choices, something within my remit can be achieved. (You know who you are if you’re reading this. Wink)

Example of a simple technique

Marble effect

So, during my trawling for simple designs I came across a beautiful marbling effect by an Instagramer called @amyduclosnails. I studied her work and decided that it could be easily created by using the Sharm technique. Sharm is created by brushing gel polish into a clear, uncured gel with a thicker viscosity. Depending on the pigments of the gel polish, once the gel polish makes contact with the clear it spreads out, loses definition and shape. But, when done quickly and effectively, floral designs can be made. Or, as in the video below, curvy lines to achieve a marble look.

However, with this technique it’s really important not to over think it. In fact, as my late art teacher/mentor said to me “Wendy, learn when you’ve said enough.” And get it in the UV light unit quickly!

This type of technique is quick, admittedly it’s not as quick as dotting but maybe on a par with stamping. Honestly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your gel polishes out, a thick top coat (I recommend Magnetic Ultra Top gel) and have a play. I think you may just surprise yourself and your clients.

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I have a FB support group dedicated to helping my students and aspiring nail techs. The full tutorial for this technique is found there.

Thank you for reading.