Lash lifting, an alternative to lash extensions

Lash lifting or extensions haven’t been my main focus, as mostly, my attentions are on extending and enhancing peoples nails, I have noticed that eye treatments that include lifting, extending, darkening and enhancing are enjoying an explosion in popularity in recent years. Probably as much as the nail industry.

For years I have been offering tinting treatments for the lashes and brows but any other  eye treatments have passed me by. Until now…

Lash lifting


I am delighted to say that have completed and passed a training course with Lash Base Lash lifting treatments. Admittedly, I thought it would be a bit fiddly, but actually I took to it like a duck to water.

As my existing clients know I like to take my time with things (probably a bit anally-retentive to be honest!) So the treatment takes about an hour or so to complete.

Beautiful benefits

• It enhances your appearance, drawing attention to your eyes.
• It can improve the health of your eyes. This is because removing the use of mascara, may reduce       your chances of getting an infection or irritation.
• Easy maintenance and speeds up your make-up application time.
• It has an anti-aging, giving the illusion of lifting and opening up the eye area.
• Lash tinting is also included in the treatment, which will darken and expose the full length of             your  lashes, right to the tip.

Learn more about lifting

How is it done?

This is a question that get’s asked a lot. Follow this link here to see how the procedure is completed.

The science bit

If like me you like to know how things actually work, then read on. If you’re yawning and feel the need to scroll on, then head here and take a look at the prices and packages I’ve got on

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offer. We’ll catch up with you shortly.

So, lash lifting uses the same chemical process as hair perming. Remember? The 80’s permed mullets, big hair and tight curls! Now, I’m probably showing my age, but actually I have a feeling that perms will be making a come back. Although hopefully less of a mullet look but softer and bigger. (See picture, the person may look a little familiar)

There are 3 stages of perming that allows a hair strand to take on a new shape.

  1. Softening. A solution containing hydrogen penetrates the hair and goes into the central part (cortex). Here the hydrogen finds the tough bonds that give your hair structure and breaks them, changing the bonds to a different type of structure.
  2. Moulding. Once the softening solution has had sufficient time to break the bonds, the hair is more pliable  and will take on the new shape it has been stuck to e.g. lash moulds/rods. Once the solution has been on long enough, it’s then time to take it off.
  3. Fixing. Or sometimes referred to as neutralizing. In order to fix the new hair shape all the hydrogen that have been added need to be removed. During this process oxygen is added and this reforms the old bonds that were broken down by the hydrogen. Thus, making the hair fix to the new shape it has been stuck/wrapped around to. Phew!

How long does it last?

Lash lifting lasts between 4-8 weeks. However, this will depend on the hair type and whether aftercare advice has been followed.

Such as:-

  • Do not touch the eyelashes or apply mascara for 24 hours

    Usually £40 including tinting

  • Don’t shower / wash face / contact face with water / use steam / swim / sauna for 24 hours (even beware of a finished cycle of the dish-washer.)
  • Do not use oil based products on the eyes after this time
  • Comb through eyelashes every day with a lash comb or clean mascara wand (option of using a lash enhancing clear gel or serum at home) and try not to sleep face down on the lashes
  • Remove eye makeup with a gentle solution using an upward motion rather than scrubbing and use water based mascara rather than waterproof

Eye Lash tinting is given during the treatment at the salon, however it is not a requirement and not offered by all. So, check when you book.

Pre-requisites to the treatment

Lash lifting and tinting requires a patch test too. This is done in the crook of your elbow and at least 24 hours before your appointment. Patch testing is a requirement, it is a way of testing for allergies, however even if no reaction occurs it is still no guarantee that it won’t around the eyes.

When the solution and mould’s are on it’s important that the therapist stays with you, and checks for any changes that may occur in the treatment. Unfortunately, all too often I hear about therapist’s leaving their clients. For your health, safety and comfort make sure your therapist stays in the room with you, so you can alert them should you feel uncomfortable. Reactions are rare but the therapist should always adopt this professional courtesy.

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