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Easy nail art

Nail Art! Easy as it looks?

Ultra easy nail art

Easy as it looks?

Easy nail art

To some of us Nail art sends us into a panic, easy or not. I remember a time when I felt like that. In fact, I remember a time when myself and my clients felt like nail art was something our American cousins did. We were fine with our pink and white tips thank you very much.

Oh my goodness how things have changed. In the time it’s taken me to have three children, we’ve gone from white smile lines for french to 3D, 4D, dots, fine lines, one stroke, encapsulation, stamping, filagree, ombre and much, much more.

With the rise of social media we see some very talented people, from all around the world sharing their skills and enviable talents. Furthermore, the nail competition circuit has exploded with varying categories of nail art genre’s. In England alone we have many competitions throughout the year, from the Nailympics in London, as well as others hosted in Birmingham and Manchester.

Being an artist, I appreciate all of it. I’m in awe of such talent and am inspired by the avant-garde nail artists among us.

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How to do Ombre nail art

To Ombre or not to Ombre?

The Ombre effect

The Ombre effect is a nail art look that has been around for a while. It can be created with a spray, brush or sponge. But what are people’s preferences?

Nail artists, whether professional or DIY’ers search all kinds of social media to find the best techniques. I have tried several with reasonable results. However, the one tool I have found the best is Magnetic’s Ombre brush. It has been designed for Ombre in mind; has two lengths of bristles which allows some gel fluid to pass through. Seriously, this tool helps!!

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Why Magnetic UK?

About Magnetic Nail Design

Magnetic is the cosmetics brand of the Dutch nail stylist Mey Liang. She has built her nail salon into one of the leading wholesalers of nail products. Her training institute, The Magnetic Nail Academy, has trained thousands of professional nail stylists with a variety of nail courses from their headquarters in Soesterberg, Mey and her husband export Magnetic products all over the world.” The Magnetic UK arm is increasing in popularity week by week.

Read more about Magnetic UK here.

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Reflecting on feedback

Feedback is important

There’s no question that a business no matter how big or small, needs feedback to help it develop, grow and influence consumers to make a purchase of your goods or services.

The good, bad and ugly

Feedback, whether it is positive or negative is important information. In today’s social media world where everyone and anyone can say what they want about you, whether they’ve met you or not. It can be hard not to take it to heart if its negative and can make you panic about the influence it may have on your business.

Recently, I got some negative feedback from a potential business customer. Admittedly, it was hard not to take it personally at the time. Especially as it seemed an unjustified complaint and I am generally a “people pleaser.” Beforehand there had been a lot of communication privately, everything was done to make sure we didn’t reach the outcome we did in fact end up reaching.

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