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Wendy Simmons Beauty Room Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy

Salon Health and Safety Policy for Covid-19

The list below sets out the health and safety procedures for Wendy Simmons Beauty Room as of 10/07/2020.
We believe the below list contributes towards the salon being as Covid-19 secure as possible, while adhering to the Government guidelines set out after the above date and conducting a Covid-19 risk assessment.
Each client that enters the salon must follow the below list and sign a Covid-19 Pandemic Consent form. This will also be used in a scenario where we may be contacted by the ‘track and trace’ service.
• You must NOT attend if you have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days. Or if you have been told you have come in contact with an infected person within the last 14 days.
• You must arrive on time, if you are early you are to remain in your car and text her to let her know you have arrived. When Wendy is ready she will ask you to come in.
• You must wear a mask at all times. Wendy has paper masks available for a £1.
• You must wash your hands as you enter the salon.
• Your mobile phones are no longer permitted at the nail station or held during any treatment. If you are expecting an important phone call, keep the sound on so you can hear it.
• You must come on your own, no plus 1’s/children the salon because of social distancing rules.
• You must not pick up any products or gel/nail polishes unnecessarily.
• You must not spend extended periods of time in the salon, so only one treatment per visit please.
This list may be updated at any time in order to follow new Government protocols. An updated version will be kept in the files section of the Facebook client group ‘Wendy Simmons Nails and Beauty

What to expect from Wendy

The below list sets out the procedures and responsibilities of Wendy Simmons to ensure the salon remains at low risk of infection as of the above date.
• Wendy will allow the usual amount of time set aside for treatments. However, each area that is used during your treatment with be thoroughly disinfected when you leave. Including disinfecting of handles, chair arms, door handles and all surfaces. There will be larger gaps between clients to allow this to take place. Unfortunately, this means she will be seeing less people in a day, leading to a longer than expected wait for your first appointment.
• There are no immediate plans for a salon price increase. However, there will be an annual price increase later on in the year.
• Wendy will carry on conducting her usual hygiene practices of single use files, gloves, masks, spatulas and paper disposables. In addition to that the salon has single use aprons and face visors.
• Soft upholstery chairs and unnecessary towels have been removed to minimise virus transmission.
• The salon will continue to offer refreshments, but in disposable cups.
Last updated – 10/07/2020, 14/07/2020
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An image of a garden studio for the salon

Salon news 2020

Salon news 2020


Wendy sat at her art desk in the salon

An alternative art studio

So, the salon news appears to be we are facing several more weeks in lock down. I have no idea when I will be able to resume my beauty business and see all my wonderful clients again.

You can be assured I’m keeping myself busy, some days are better than others. Like many, I have found the need to occupy my mind by developing my knowledge and skills. I’ve done this on a professional level and on a personal level.

Artistic rescue

Personally, I have used my beautiful garden studio as a temporary art room. It’s been and remains to be a perfect place to find seclusion and concentration for creating pastel landscapes; it also allows me to complete my Diploma in Landscapes with the London art college. Art has been a fantastic distraction to all the news and these anxious times. You can checkout what I’ve been up to on my Instagram account @wendysimmonsart.

New salon skills

A certificate achieved for early detection of skin cancer

Early detection of skin cancer accreditation

So, what about professionally. Well, I first started with completing an online, skin cancer educational program. This is a program set up for professionals like myself, educating us to detect early signs of melanoma and skin cancer (MASCED) in association with SKcin. My job involves touching a lot of skin, in most areas of the body. It can be a very intimate industry and being able to spot signs and areas of abnormality is hugely important, especially as there are over 2,400 deaths from melanoma each year and a massive 86% are preventable (Cancer research UK 2018). Sun safety is also important and fortunately for me I have Eve Taylor products in the salon that I can recommend to help promote sun safety. Products such as Daily Skin Defence SPF 50.

The benefits include: –

A tube showing Eye Taylor@s Daily defence product

Eve Taylor’s Daily Defence

  • High protection formulation is ideal to use post micro-dermabrasion, chemical peel, laser or other advanced treatments.
  • Protects against UV induced hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.
  • Nourishing yet easily absorbed ingredients offer skin moisturising and hydrating benefits.


Eve Taylor is high quality, professional beauty brand and genuinely are easily affordable. A lot of my clients love the products.


Longing for summer

With all this sitting about, we certainly are looking for early signs of summer. We’ve had the good weather to help motivate us to go out for our daily exercise; those of us that are lucky enough to have a garden, or even a balcony or windowsills, can start planning pots with summer bedding plants. One of my favourite summer bedding plants is Geranium. The many colours from white through to the deepest of reds, evoke warm feelings of longer daylight hours and the sounds of nature buzzing around.

An image of a geranium filled greenhouse

Diana’s greenhouse

It reminds me when I worked with my good friend Diana on Corbett Avenue, in Droitwich. I had a back window in the room that I rented, there was a greenhouse right outside it. A bit ugly you might think, but actually no. Diana was very good a keeping it filled with red and pink geraniums, it was a beautiful backdrop for the times when I would open up the back blind.

Geraniums are an uplifting flower visually, but when used in beauty products such as oils, creams and floral water it can also enhance your mood. Geranium when used in aromatherapy promotes emotional stability, alleviate pain and stimulate healing for skin wounds and reduces inflammation.

A bottle of Eve Taylor's Geranium hydrolat nestled in geraniums

A good de-stresser!

Floral waters are produced during the distillation of herb and plant oils, I use these waters during my facials but they can be sprayed at home, on your clothes, bedding or just in the atmosphere without the worry of ruining materials with oils. Geranium Hydrolat is perfect in any stressful time. I’m using it all the time at the moment! Get in touch if you would like to order some.

Treatment for Cancer patients

All care giving professionals have varying degrees of empathy. We sympathise and want to do everything in our power to make you feel better, it’s our raison d’être.

None more so than when someone is diagnosed with cancer. A time when being pampered and looked after offers huge benefits. So when you are stopped from acting on those instincts, it’s disappointing and frustrating.

To operate as a Beauty Therapist we have to take out Public Liability insurance. This protects both the client and the professional should anything go wrong during or after a salon treatment. At a consultation you are at liberty to disclose any health conditions you feel may be affected by having a certain treatment in the salon. Cancer is one area we were always told we could not treat, during treatment or for a period of time after.

A logo for Cancer research

Click the image above to find out tips on how to look after your nails and skin during chemotherapy

Who told us this you may ask? Not our college tutors, not our natural instincts but our insurance companies!

Now, I’m not going to get into to the why’s and wherefores about this, however if you are told you cannot treat someone because you will not be covered by insurance, well, you’re going to have to do as you’re damn well told! We have to protect ourselves as well as you. The situation was just crap for all concerned, it really was….

The good news is policies appear to have changed!

Recently, I was researching CPD courses for cancer patients and stumbled across an article written for my chosen insurer, Association of Beauty Therapists, ABT. Upon reading, it seems that client’s with cancer are no longer excluded from treatments.  As with any medical condition a Dr’s note is required, but that is still great progress compared to where I stood before. So many ladies I’ve not been able to help, I can now without fear. It’s amazing and am really, really pleased about that.

And finally…I great lock down offer for you

An image showing Peacci polishes and text about the offer

A lovely polish to paint with

Yes, it’s been a huge period of time since I prettied up anyone’s nails. In early lock down I was quick to act on getting kits together for my clients to remove their own gels. I know they’re missing having “Wendy nails” and I hope it won’t be long before you’re back in the Wendy House again, sat at my desk looking at all the colour’s behind me.

On a positive note The Gel Bottle’s nail polish and manicure range called Peacci have given me a discount code that l can share with you, giving you 10% off everything in their range. I have reviewed it, you can go see it on my FaceBook page. However, if you can’t wait, click the link below to their website for a closer look.

*When you purchase please remember to add the code below to make sure you get your discount.*

Hands clutching Peacci nail varnishes and painted nails

A great polish to use at home


(Btw l have no idea how long this will last for, they haven’t said)

Discount code- PEACCIK3UCYWF3G

Thank you for taking the time to get this far.

#staysafe and I wish you all good health. And thank you to all our front line workers in the NHS, transport, distribution, supermarkets and all public services.



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Lash lifting

Lash lifting, an alternative to lash extensions

Lash lifting or extensions haven’t been my main focus, as mostly, my attentions are on extending and enhancing peoples nails, I have noticed that eye treatments that include lifting, extending, darkening and enhancing are enjoying an explosion in popularity in recent years. Probably as much as the nail industry.

For years I have been offering tinting treatments for the lashes and brows but any other  eye treatments have passed me by. Until now…

Lash lifting


I am delighted to say that have completed and passed a training course with Lash Base Lash lifting treatments. Admittedly, I thought it would be a bit fiddly, but actually I took to it like a duck to water.

As my existing clients know I like to take my time with things (probably a bit anally-retentive to be honest!) So the treatment takes about an hour or so to complete.

Beautiful benefits

• It enhances your appearance, drawing attention to your eyes.
• It can improve the health of your eyes. This is because removing the use of mascara, may reduce       your chances of getting an infection or irritation.
• Easy maintenance and speeds up your make-up application time.
• It has an anti-aging, giving the illusion of lifting and opening up the eye area.
• Lash tinting is also included in the treatment, which will darken and expose the full length of             your  lashes, right to the tip.

Learn more about lifting

How is it done?

This is a question that get’s asked a lot. Follow this link here to see how the procedure is completed.

The science bit

If like me you like to know how things actually work, then read on. If you’re yawning and feel the need to scroll on, then head here and take a look at the prices and packages I’ve got on

Yes, I know, it’s me!!

offer. We’ll catch up with you shortly.

So, lash lifting uses the same chemical process as hair perming. Remember? The 80’s permed mullets, big hair and tight curls! Now, I’m probably showing my age, but actually I have a feeling that perms will be making a come back. Although hopefully less of a mullet look but softer and bigger. (See picture, the person may look a little familiar)

There are 3 stages of perming that allows a hair strand to take on a new shape.

  1. Softening. A solution containing hydrogen penetrates the hair and goes into the central part (cortex). Here the hydrogen finds the tough bonds that give your hair structure and breaks them, changing the bonds to a different type of structure.
  2. Moulding. Once the softening solution has had sufficient time to break the bonds, the hair is more pliable  and will take on the new shape it has been stuck to e.g. lash moulds/rods. Once the solution has been on long enough, it’s then time to take it off.
  3. Fixing. Or sometimes referred to as neutralizing. In order to fix the new hair shape all the hydrogen that have been added need to be removed. During this process oxygen is added and this reforms the old bonds that were broken down by the hydrogen. Thus, making the hair fix to the new shape it has been stuck/wrapped around to. Phew!

How long does it last?

Lash lifting lasts between 4-8 weeks. However, this will depend on the hair type and whether aftercare advice has been followed.

Such as:-

  • Do not touch the eyelashes or apply mascara for 24 hours

    Usually £40 including tinting

  • Don’t shower / wash face / contact face with water / use steam / swim / sauna for 24 hours (even beware of a finished cycle of the dish-washer.)
  • Do not use oil based products on the eyes after this time
  • Comb through eyelashes every day with a lash comb or clean mascara wand (option of using a lash enhancing clear gel or serum at home) and try not to sleep face down on the lashes
  • Remove eye makeup with a gentle solution using an upward motion rather than scrubbing and use water based mascara rather than waterproof

Eye Lash tinting is given during the treatment at the salon, however it is not a requirement and not offered by all. So, check when you book.

Pre-requisites to the treatment

Lash lifting and tinting requires a patch test too. This is done in the crook of your elbow and at least 24 hours before your appointment. Patch testing is a requirement, it is a way of testing for allergies, however even if no reaction occurs it is still no guarantee that it won’t around the eyes.

When the solution and mould’s are on it’s important that the therapist stays with you, and checks for any changes that may occur in the treatment. Unfortunately, all too often I hear about therapist’s leaving their clients. For your health, safety and comfort make sure your therapist stays in the room with you, so you can alert them should you feel uncomfortable. Reactions are rare but the therapist should always adopt this professional courtesy.

Check out my Lash lifting offer and new eye treatment package on the beauty treatment menu here.

Call or text me on 07738017076 or email for more information or to book a free consultation.

Find me on FaceBook here.

Thank you for getting this far.

Wendy X


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Peachy soft skin!

Microdermabrasion  Facial’s, great for acne and anti – aging

Is your skin as soft as a peach?

Teenage acne or dry aging skin? Putting it simply, Microdermabrasion is a facial treatment that could work for you, your teenage child and everyone in between.

It means, the removal of dead skin cells that build up over time on the uppermost area of your skin. It’s called the Horny layer (no sniggers please) or Stratum Corneum for those that like the details.

The skin is the largest organ of your body and we really do need to be looking after it. Of all its many functions, protection is one of them. It acts as a waterproof barrier against all kinds micro-organisms such as bacteria and we need these uppermost layers of skin for that armour.

However, if this last layer of dead skin cells is left, it builds up and up over time leaving your skin feeling dull, rough to touch, dry, and can cause blockages and congestion.

Furthermore, this natural barrier will be preventing your facial creams, lotions and potions from cleansing or hydrating properly. So, whether you spend £5 or £50 on your creams, they won’t be working no where near as well with a thick layer of dead, skin cell barrier sucking it up!

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Easy nail art

Nail Art! Easy as it looks?

Ultra easy nail art

Easy as it looks?

Easy nail art

To some of us Nail art sends us into a panic, easy or not. I remember a time when I felt like that. In fact, I remember a time when myself and my clients felt like nail art was something our American cousins did. We were fine with our pink and white tips thank you very much.

Oh my goodness how things have changed. In the time it’s taken me to have three children, we’ve gone from white smile lines for french to 3D, 4D, dots, fine lines, one stroke, encapsulation, stamping, filagree, ombre and much, much more.

With the rise of social media we see some very talented people, from all around the world sharing their skills and enviable talents. Furthermore, the nail competition circuit has exploded with varying categories of nail art genre’s. In England alone we have many competitions throughout the year, from the Nailympics in London, as well as others hosted in Birmingham and Manchester.

Being an artist, I appreciate all of it. I’m in awe of such talent and am inspired by the avant-garde nail artists among us.

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How to do Ombre nail art

To Ombre or not to Ombre?

The Ombre effect

The Ombre effect is a nail art look that has been around for a while. It can be created with a spray, brush or sponge. But what are people’s preferences?

Nail artists, whether professional or DIY’ers search all kinds of social media to find the best techniques. I have tried several with reasonable results. However, the one tool I have found the best is Magnetic’s Ombre brush. It has been designed for Ombre in mind; has two lengths of bristles which allows some gel fluid to pass through. Seriously, this tool helps!!

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Why Magnetic UK?

About Magnetic Nail Design

Magnetic is the cosmetics brand of the Dutch nail stylist Mey Liang. She has built her nail salon into one of the leading wholesalers of nail products. Her training institute, The Magnetic Nail Academy, has trained thousands of professional nail stylists with a variety of nail courses from their headquarters in Soesterberg, Mey and her husband export Magnetic products all over the world.” The Magnetic UK arm is increasing in popularity week by week.

Read more about Magnetic UK here.

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Reflecting on feedback

Feedback is important

There’s no question that a business no matter how big or small, needs feedback to help it develop, grow and influence consumers to make a purchase of your goods or services.

The good, bad and ugly

Feedback, whether it is positive or negative is important information. In today’s social media world where everyone and anyone can say what they want about you, whether they’ve met you or not. It can be hard not to take it to heart if its negative and can make you panic about the influence it may have on your business.

Recently, I got some negative feedback from a potential business customer. Admittedly, it was hard not to take it personally at the time. Especially as it seemed an unjustified complaint and I am generally a “people pleaser.” Beforehand there had been a lot of communication privately, everything was done to make sure we didn’t reach the outcome we did in fact end up reaching.

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