About Magnetic Nail Design

Magnetic is the cosmetics brand of the Dutch nail stylist Mey Liang. She has built her nail salon into one of the leading wholesalers of nail products. Her training institute, The Magnetic Nail Academy, has trained thousands of professional nail stylists with a variety of nail courses from their headquarters in Soesterberg, Mey and her husband export Magnetic products all over the world.” The Magnetic UK arm is increasing in popularity week by week.

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Basic Nail Art training

Training in the UK

There are several distributors and a team of trainers within UK and Ireland.

Furthermore, Magnetic UK courses are fully accredited by ABT. They have been stripped back to the essential practical skills, which we feel is beneficial to any learner. However, completing and gaining the accredited qualification requires a further commitment from you.

Before you attend your lesson you will receive a digital, high quality and detailed Magnetic UK manual needed to support your knowledge and understanding of theoretical aspects of the subject.

Some Magnetic UK courses require you to complete case studies. These allow us to assess your progression and skill level as you practice your new found skills. We will be able to spot any areas of development and encourage high level practical ability; this will give you an excellent grounding and help build your confidence.

What you can expect from Wendy Simmons Nail Education and Magnetic UK.

Rest assured our commitment to you is to provide high quality learning, resources and products that are advantageous to all our students and eventually the clients that you will gain.

If you attend a course that requires case study assessment, we will liaise with you throughout the 8 week case study period, encouraging you to keep on track and offer full support. Once your 8 week period is over the support will continue as we embrace you into our Magnetic UK family. Via social media, texts, emails or calls we will be on call to offer guidance and answers questions.

1-2-1’s, demo days and specific workshops will also run along side our core courses. Checkout the courses here.

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